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Under Eye Circles Kit

2 products in this routine

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Buy under eye circles kit online at beautybybie

Are you looking for under eye creams? Clean beauty eye cream? Under eye gel? Under eye cream for dark circles? Under eye wrinkles cream? Under eye cream for fine lines? Look no further, BiE has got you covered!

Benefits of using beautybybie under eye circles kit

These eye care products reduce under eye concerns like dark circles, puffiness, fine lines. It also brightens and tightens the skin around the eyes. Under eye circles kit has been put together by our Skin Guru, Dinyar Workingboxwalla. Follow the routine like a religion to see best results and an improvement around your area. The two products in the this kit are:

Eyefinity- All-in-one Under Eye Gel
This is an under eye gel for dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. It also soothes inflammation and brightens the eye area. It is packed with the goodness of stem cells, gold and silver leaf and soya flavonoids. The texture of this product allows you to see the gold and silver leaf and the application of it makes you feel calm and gives a cooling effect on your skin.

Superpower- Eternal Youth Cream
This under eye cream reduces dark circles and fine lines. On the other hand, it can also be applied all over the face. It tackles pigmentation, free radicals and revives skin overnight. However, it does not suit oily and acne prone/pimple skin. It is formulated with potent ingredients like hand pressed almond oil, stem cells and squalane. If you are looking for an under eye cream for dark circles and an under eye wrinkles cream, as the name suggests, this is an all-in-one clean beauty eye cream.

How & when to use the under eye circles kit

These under eye care products need to be followed as a routine. Always start your morning skincare routine with double cleansing, a mask, followed by Eyefinity- All-in-one Under Eye Gel (can be used in the day and at night) & Superpower- Eternal Youth Cream (can be used at night).

The two products in this under eye circles kit are supposed to be used as a routine. The application of eye care products is supposed to be very gentle and it is important for you to follow the instructions and do it exactly the way it has been explained. To achieve best results, here is the correct way of applying the under eye care products- Take the product generously and mildly massage it around the entire eye area, starting from the outer corner to the inner corner, all the way above the eyelids. Use your ring finger while applying an eye care product as it exudes the least amount of pressure. Use it correctly, not just under your eyes, but above your eyes too, touching the brows.

Under eye concerns are very common and it is not limited to age or profession. Hence, prioritize under eye care and use an under eye cream for dark circles and an under eye wrinkles cream. Buy under eye cream for all eye concerns and for eye glow, under eye gel, which also reduces eye area problems.

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