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Buy moisturizer Online at beautybybie

BiE offers a variety of skin care products and moisturizers are one of them. Looking for a moisturizer for glowing skin, a moisturizer for oily skin or even a moisturizer for dry skin. We have got you covered! At BiE, you get moisturizers for the face that suit all skin types and give you exactly the results you are looking for. Consider this space, a one-stop shop for moisturizers!

Benefits of using beautybybie facial cleansers

Buy face moisturizers online at BiE to achieve hydrated and visibly glowing skin. The two moisturizers that we have at BiE are:

Vin Rouge- Hydrating and Tightening Gel
This moisturizer gel improves pore health and hydrates the skin. With ingredients like Bifida ferment lysate, damask rose and non alcoholic red wine, this gel, aids cell regeneration, keeping the skin moist, while retaining natural moisture.

Moongleam- Precious Gel Cream
Moongleam is all about that glow. It's got pearl protein, hyaluronic acid and diamond dust. Besides providing a golden sheen to your skin, perfect for a night out, this moisturizing gel cream restores skin elasticity. Primarily a moisturizer for glowing skin, doubles up as a primer too.

Superpower- Eternal Youth Cream
One of the most sought after products from the BIE skin care line is the Superpower Eternal Youth cream. This moisturizing cream is like no other. From tackling free radicals to self repair stem cells, it revives skin and reverses signs of ageing. The combination of hand pressed almond oil, squalene and stem cells is unbeatable. Is this a great moisturizer for dry skin? absolutely! Unsuitable for oily acne prone skin, though.

Why do you need a moisturizer?

One of the first tips in skin care and it couldn’t be repeated enough is to use moisturizer. We absolutely need a moisturizer in our skin care routine. It helps restore moisture and prevents skin from getting dry, fights wrinkles, keeps the skin young and evens out existing skin blemishes. Who doesn’t want healthy looking skin ? A moisturizer is one of the most essential skin care products to own. It will give you just the results you want. Moisturize and flaunt that well hydrated healthy sheen !

How & When to use moisturizer

You should use a moisturizer after cleansing your face, ideally twice a day. Once in the morning and again at night. Many skin experts advise moisturizing after a shower as skin is absorbent and seals in the moisture.

The application of a moisturizer for face is pretty much the same. Most moisturizers are applied the same way. But users often forget to moisturize the neck along with the face. It's important to apply moisturizers on the neck as well. However, it is important for you to follow the instructions and do it exactly the way it has been explained. Here is the correct application method for the moisturizers at BiE:

  1. Vin Rouge- Hydrating and Tightening Gel
    This exotic offering from Bie is so easy to use. Take 6 pea-sized dots of the gel. Apply evenly to a clean, dry face and neck. Massage it in a circular upward motion so that the product is distributed all over your face.

  2. Moongleam- Precious Gel Cream
    A moisturizer gel cream you absolutely must include in your routine. Take a small amount of cream, warm it in your hands and apply in a circular motion all over your face. A wonderful moisturizing gel cream for glowing skin.

  3. Superpower- Eternal Youth Cream
    Take 6 small-sized dots of the cream. Apply evenly to a clean, dry face and neck. Massage it in a circular upward motion so that the product is distributed all over your face. Use your ring finger to massage around the eyes since it exerts the least pressure.

How to choose the moisturizer products online for your skin

There are a lot of options for moisturizers in India as well as abroad. However, the best way to buy a moisturizer gel or moisturizer gel cream is to first identify your skin type and look for face moisturizers accordingly. There are all kinds of moisturizers available… moisturizers for combination skin, moisturizers for dry skin and many more. A good quality specific moisturizer for oily skin can actually help cut down on visible grease and shine. Without it, your skin will become dehydrated, and it will overcompensate by producing even more oil. Pick one that works for you. It is important to ensure that it is a clean beauty moisturizer, which means it is free of toxins and harmful chemicals. It’s a great moisturizer for teenagers too. At BiE, we ensure you the best and safest moisturizing products.
Buy moisturizers online at BiE and see that they actually work towards keeping your skin hydrated.

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