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Buy Face wash Online at beautybybie

BiE offers a variety of face washes in India. Looking for a face wash for oily skin? Face wash for dry skin? Face wash for combination skin? Face wash for teens? A skin rejuvenating face wash? A face wash for dry skin in summer? We at BiE, offer face washes for most skin types and along with a daily reminder to double cleanse (cleanse+face wash). A one-stop-shop for clean face washes!

Benefits of using beautybybie face wash

Buy face washes online at BiE’s website that soothe the skin, improve skin tone and experience an ultimate deep down detox. The two face washes at BiE are:

Micro Detox Face Wash:
A face wash that is packed with the goodness of activated bamboo charcoal, lactic acid and tea tree essential oil. This face wash draws out dirt, oil and exfoliates the skin, without leaving an oily finish. It will help you in achieving tighter pores and cleaner skin. It is the best-suited face wash for oily skin and pimples and face wash for acne prone skin. However, it is not a face wash for dry skin.

Vin Rouge- Renewing Face Wash:
Trouble finding a face wash for dry skin in summer? look no further, this is the one for you! The trio of non-alcoholic red wine, wild cherry bark and resveratrol gave birth to a skin rejuvenating face wash that restores skin's collagen, soothes inflammation and also has anti-ageing benefits. It suits all skin types, even if you are looking for face washes for oily skin and acne.

Why do you need a face wash

Using a face wash is the second most important step of a skin care routine. It helps in cleaning the skin thoroughly and results in super soft, supple skin. With this step, the double cleansing process is completed. Double cleansing is nothing but cleansing your face twice, first with a cleanser then a face wash. Consistency in using a face wash everyday along with a cleanser is going to get you closer to the skin you have always dreamed of. Order a face wash online and get your skincare routine started!

How & When to use Face wash

When to use?
A skin face wash is the second step in a routine. It is supposed to be used at least twice a day, in the morning and at night, after cleansing and before exfoliating.

How to use?
The application of a skin face wash is pretty much the same, but it is important for you to follow the instructions and do it exactly the way it has been explained. The two skincare face washes at BiE are the Micro Detox Face Wash & Vin Rouge- Renewing Face Wash. To achieve best results, the correct way of application is- Take 2-3 pumps of the product and massage it on a damp face. Let it lather while you cleanse your face for 15 seconds before rinsing with water. Pat dry. Buy a face wash for soft, clean and rejuvenated skin.

How to choose the right face wash products online for your skin

There are a lot of options for face washes in India as well as out of India. However, the best way to buy a face wash is to first identify your skin type and look for face washes accordingly. Each face wash caters to different types of skin. For example, a charcoal face wash is not suitable for dry skin, but it is the best choice for someone who is looking for a face wash for oily skin in India.

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