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Buy a facial oil online at beautybybie

BiE offers a variety of face cleaning products and facial oils is one of them. Looking for facial oils for dry skin? face oils for combination skin? Face oils for sensitive skin? Face oil for dull skin? We have got you covered! At BiE, you get facial oils that suit most skin types and give you exactly the results you are looking for. A one-stop shop for clean beauty facial oils!

Benefits of using beautybybie facial oil

Buy facial oil online at BiE to achieve a cleaner, brighter and fresher look. The two facial oils at BiE are:

Halo- Uplifting & Soothing Face Oil
A face oil for skin that sedates mood, tackles pigmentation, gives a luminous effect and heals skin from the damaging effects of pollution. It is packed with the goodness of saffron, marula oil and meadowfoam seed oil. If you are looking for a face oil for dry skin, this is going to be your favourite facial oil! However, this facial oil is not recommended for oily or acne prone skin. Here is a quick tip- This facial oil for skin can also prevent stretch marks in the initial stages of pregnancy.

Illuminating Face Oil
A beauty oil for face that boosts skin health, deeply moisturises the skin and also fights signs of ageing. It makes the skin radiant, replenished and rejuvenated. It is formulated with efficacious ingredients like squalane, kumkumadi oil and licorice. It is best suited for dry skin, but not recommended for oily skin. Here is a quick tip- This facial oil for skin can also be used as a body oil. It comes to the rescue when you want a golden sheen on your skin, right before you step out for a party.

Why do you need facial oils?

Out of a wide range of face oils online, it is important to know your skin type and buy facial oils accordingly. Facial oils are the sixth step in a skincare routine. They are a very essential part of a skin care routine as it makes your skin look brighter, cleaner and fresher. It also gives your skin a luminous and porcelain look. Buy facial oils online and get started!

How & when to use facial oils

Facial oils are the sixth step in a skincare routine. It is supposed to be applied after serums and before moisturisers. Both beauty facial oils at BiE can be used at different times. The Halo oil can be used at night, an hour before you take a bath, massage it well on your face. The Illuminating oil can be used in the day as well as at night, since it is a dry oil.

The application of facial oils is usually the same, but it is important for you to follow the instructions and do it exactly the way it has been explained. The two facial oils for skin at BiE are Halo! Uplifting & Soothing Face Oil and Illuminating Face Oil. To achieve best results, the correct way of application is- Take 3-4 pipettes of oil in your hands. Rub together and lightly apply it on your skin. Gently massage in an upward and outward direction on your face, eyes and neck. It can be used around the eye before your eye cream.

How to choose the right facial oil online for your skin

There are a lot of options for face oils in India as well as out of India. However, the best way to buy face oil online is to first identify your skin type and look for facial oils accordingly. Each face oil caters to different types of skin. For example, the two clean beauty facial oils at BiE cannot be used by someone who has oily skin.

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