What does Clean Beauty Mean? - A Guide to Clean Beauty

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What does Clean Beauty Mean? - A Guide to Clean Beauty

The previously niche “Clean Beauty” movement has been driven into the mainstream, with large businesses now starting to take on the trend, thanks to a growth in conscious consumerism. But what does clean beauty mean, and why is it so popular?

Clean is the latest beauty buzzword and movement. It's used to describe every form of skincare, hair, makeup, and scent product, from moisturiser to mascara, shampoo to soap that are green and natural. People are more worried than ever about their health and the environment, pushing them to wonder what's really in the products that they use. Consumers are increasingly asking for beauty products and cosmetics that are free of potentially dangerous substances.

What is clean beauty and what does the term clean beauty imply?  

Clean beauty, in a nutshell, refers to skincare products that are free of harmful chemicals. This usually means that clean beauty brands choose natural components overall but also use synthetic ones that have been declared safe for consumers' health and the environment. To achieve clean beauty standards, a product must be cruelty-free and created in a way that has a low environmental impact.

"The phrase CLEAN is used by beauty brands to indicate that their products don't include specific substances (natural or synthetic) that they regard to be contentious or dangerous, such as parabens and talc."

Why Clean beauty?  

1. Holds brands accountable    

Clean beauty holds conventional brands accountable for their use of potentially harmful and poisonous substances by refocusing our attention on the ingredients in our skincare and advocating for more natural, sustainable, and higher-quality products

2. Increasing awareness  

The clean beauty movement was the first to bring attention to what we were putting on our skin and hair on a daily basis. It urges customers to examine substances, particularly those that are hazardous, irritate the skin, or are carcinogenic to the health.

3. Eco friendly 

The clean beauty movement is credited with starting a discussion in the skin care industry regarding environmental sustainability with clean beauty products, clean make-up and clean skin care slowly starting their growth around the globe.


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What Clean means at BiE? 

We've developed our own set of clean beauty standards, which you'll see in action in our own beauty lines of clean skin care as well as in all of the products available in the BiE clean beauty shop and in all of our editorial features.

Our products are backed by 50 years of worldwide beauty knowledge and know-how, blended with scientific formulae and carefully curated ingredients. Do we adore rich, lovely, highly effective, and beautifully pigmented beauty products? We do, and we create markets, and write about them. At this point, there are no compromises in terms of quality, efficacy, or luxury; it's a glorious thing. 

How to get started with clean beauty?


Cleansers: Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is a foaming agent used in many traditional faces and body washes. However, this foaminess does nothing for your skin, and SLS might irritate it. This is a crucial change to make because you use face cleansers regularly.

Moisturisers: Cheap filler materials (such as petroleum), synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives are common in moisturisers, but the more natural options are rich with nourishing nutrients from the soil. Moisturisers, like cleansers, are used regularly, so they're an excellent place to start.

Skin Care Routine: With your daily skin care routine, you should be careful on what you use on your skin on a daily basis. There are chances that it is depreciating with its chemicals as much as it looks effective. 

At BiE, we provide products that range from your face wash to face gels that will help replace your daily routine at a better price of giving back to the environment as well as to yourself. We’re all worried on a daily basis about what we eat and what goes into our stomach, but it's also high time we worry about what we put on our skin. Skin care is very crucial and goes a long way which is why we all need to make sure that the products we use have good chemicals in it.

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Getting your beauty clean!

While what we put on our skin is crucial, we also know that true beauty comes from within. The finishing touch may be a red lipstick, but how we look (and feel) is mostly determined by our food and health—what we put into and onto our bodies and how we interact with the world. Our glow is influenced by how we deal with stress, environmental circumstances, rest, and repair. The products that you use come as a finishing touch which we at BiE aim to give. 

Cutting through the clean beauty hype and learning the answer to, “What does clean beauty mean?” takes time and study, but finding brands that truly care about your health and the environment is well worth the effort. With BiE products, you don’t have to compromise health for beauty. 

By taking a more conscious approach to the impacts of your beauty products, you can look and feel good while doing good. The first step in the right direction is a step worth taking. So what are you waiting for? Start using Beauty by BiE products and go clean today!

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