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5 Skincare trends to know in 2022 | beautybybie

In the past two years, people all over the world were threatened by the pandemic. It helped us understand the importance of making healthier choices even when it comes to skincare. People have started moving away from products with harmful ingredients and started being aware of what they consume. Everyone wants to broaden their horizon when it comes to skincare knowledge. We need to use products that help rejuvenate and re-invent the skin on a deeper level. Now, let us analyze what 2022 has in store for us. 

Here are the latest skincare trends in 2022

1. Anti-Inflammatory Skincare: 

Our awareness of inflammatory conditions has significantly increased and we now have the much-needed understanding that inflammation impacts overall health. Cult trends like acid peels and Retin A that treat the skin as an organ are being disregarded with the help of scientific research. Instead, we are considering cleaner, simpler ways to improve skin health and formulating skin care products that care of skin inflammations.

2. Skinimalism: 

After years of plastic layered high maintenance makeup looks and gloating about hoarding skincare products, we are pulling a downright 180 on the way we look at skincare. 

One of the latest skincare trends ‘Skinimalism’ is making waves in the beauty sector. People are going for a much simpler, cleaner skincare routine with minimal usage of products. Practicing skinimalism indicates that you prioritize your skin health above everything and try to bring out your natural beauty as much as possible. Seems like this skincare trend is here to stay. 

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3. Science-Driven Skincare:  

One of the fast-growing trends in the skincare industry is the fact that people prefer science-led skin care products. Instead of buying skincare products that probably don't suit their skin type or choosing skincare without understanding the benefits of the ingredients, people are choosing what their skin needs. Beauty consumers have started flocking toward science-driven brands as they are now aware of the scientific leaps in the field of skincare. 

People are choosing brands which offer trust, transparency and expert knowledge about skincare. 

4. Result Oriented Approach:  

In the past, it was observed that people opted for products based on their brand value and continued using the products due to sentiments. In this ever-evolving world, we have access to all the information related to beauty.. Online searches for specific ingredients that bring results are rapidly increasing. We are curious to learn more about these ingredients. One of the current trends in skincare is to see if a product or brand can prove the claims they are making. This will really impact the way we choose our skincare products. 

5. Expert Counsel 

It is safe to say that when we talk about skincare, not many of us are experts. But now, one of the rising beauty trends is that consumers are willing to educate themselves about everything there is to know- with respect to skin care and beauty.Supermodels, beauty queens, and dermatologists are developing their own line of skincare to share their knowledge of beauty with millions today.  

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