5 Korean Skincare hacks to look younger

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If there's one thing that everyone thinks about while binge-watching Korean drama, it's how these Korean actresses manage to have such flawless skin. What is their pristine skin's secret? While the rest of the world marvels, Koreans continue to put their best foot forward in terms of skincare and beauty. But this isn't easy. To keep their skin well-maintained and perfect, they pay close attention to their skincare routine, nutrition, beauty products, and more.

K-beauty not only introduced the rest of the world to their elaborate multi-step skincare routines and great ingredients, but also their game changing innovations. You’re probably already familiar with Korean skincare innovations like BB creams, sheet masks, and sleeping masks—all of which stem from South Korea. Here are some additional, super easy ways to achieve that glowing Korean beauty aesthetic. 

1. Extensive Skincare Routine

Yes, this requires a little more investment on your part, but the results are immaculate! Purchase high-quality skincare and stick to it. Get a good cleanser, a hydrating face wash, an eye cream, serums, a light-weight moisturizer, and don't forget about exfoliation and facial oils. Following a routine right from your cleanser to the serum, and moisturiser ensures that your skin gets all the nutrients it needs. Layering your products is key. The Koreans put their self care routines first, which is a concept that many of us overlook: indulging ourselves from time to time is the kind of pampering all of us need.is a good kind of pampering at times. 

Check out BiE’s way of building a Celebrity Skincare Routine

2. Tap your products in

Instead of rubbing your products in, lightly tapping your face avoids you from smearing the product. This allows you to get the most out of it and stimulates blood flow, letting the product penetrate your skin better. But don't beat yourself up every time you perform your skincare; instead, consider it a gentle tap. The tapping should not be harsh or uncomfortable for you.

3.Make the most out of steam

Steaming is one of the most important things that Koreans follow. Steams and face massages help to rejuvenate and heal your skin. Every morning, Koreans treat themselves to a brief DIY facial in a warm shower. While steam opens pores and aids in the removal of dirt and grime, massaging moist skin promotes younger-looking and glowing skin.  Take a hot shower and massage your face and neck while in the shower. Massage in a circular and upward motion with your fingertips for 5-7 minutes, and utilise an oil cleanser or essence for more benefits and deeper hydration.

4. Double Cleanse

This is the land from where we got the concept of double and deep cleansing and we love it! Although cleansing appears to be simple, the truth is that your cleanser may not be adequate to remove all of the dirt that has collected on your face, especially if you wear a lot of makeup. Practice a double cleanse, which consists of removing makeup with a gentle water based cleanser, followed by a face wash

First cleanse: For the first cleanse a gentle water based cleanser is ideal. A recommended cleanser is Beauty By BiE’s Fresh Forward Cleanser. Take a few drops of the cleanser on a damp cotton pad and swipe it on the face.

Second Cleanse: On a wet face, apply a face wash to remove dirt. Rinse and pat dry.

5.Facial Massage Exercise

Exercising your face, much like you enjoy your post-workout glow, can not only offer you lovely skin but also help you shape it right. Koreans swear by a facial massage to keep their skin looking young. Here's a fact that's not so amusing: not only does your skin wrinkle as you get older, but the muscles that support your face can weaken and sag, making you appear older. People use a variety of rollers and high-tech devices, but you can also make a difference with just your hands (think of it as facial Pilates!)


Anyone, whether a young girl with sensitive skin or a middle-aged male in need of an anti-ageing cream, can discover a product that suits their skin when searching for skin care in Korea. Taking care of your skin, regardless of age or gender, is considered part of a healthy lifestyle in South Korea and should be implemented across the world; which is what we’re aiming to do with clean products at BiE

The Korean beauty market is also known for its extensive product assortment, which includes everything from oil and water-based facial cleansers to vitamin serums, anti-ageing essences, face masks, and eye care products. And Beauty by BiE makes a large variety of skin care products accessible to you to help with that glow. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping and choose clean!



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