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Celebrity Skincare Routines | beautybybie

So far the first thing we notice when encounter a celebrity is of course their skin. We wander back from interviews in a cloudy trance, unable to recall a thing that was said because we were too busy staring at their radiant complexions. Since maintaining a clear visage is practically in their job description, most celebs have dedicated facialists, aestheticians, and world-class dermatologists at the ready. But since they are surrounded by so many experts, they have acquired expert knowledge when it comes to a skincare routine for the red carpet glow. With that in mind, we dug up a set of effective celebrity skincare tips and formulated the most ideal skincare routine for giving complexions the goddess look.

Cleanse it all away like Disha Patani   

The biggest skincare secret of most celebrities is choosing a good effective cleanser as the first step of the skincare routine. This makes sure that all the other products get laid over your skin nicely and do a good job of skincare. 

Disha Patani has on several occasions revealed that her biggest skin secret is that she washes off makeup right after any event and avoids makeup on most days. Cleansing makeup off using a deep cleanser unclogs the pores and ensures cleaner skin. She further moisturizes after cleaning makeup off and applies lip balm at all times. 

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Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate like Beyoncé

Many celebrities, including Beyoncé and Elle Macpherson, have been known to tout daily exfoliation as the secret to their youthful look.  Exfoliating helps keep your skin silky soft and smooth by buffing away and removing dead skin cells. Exfoliation is all about balance – whilst it’s important to buff away dead skin cells you also want to take care not to strip away too many of your skin’s natural oils. So, you should also make sure to choose the right one. 

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Layer with a Serum like Hailey Bieber 

Famous American Model and Celebrity, Hailey Bieber gives great importance to using a good serum. “I am using hydrating peptide serums for my skin. I really, really love peptides for the skin. I think that it's one of the best ingredients to use. It's one of my favourite ingredients to use. I love niacinamide, I love peptides, I love hyaluronic acid, those are all ingredients that I make sure I’m using in my skincare”, she said.

Bollywood star, Madhuri Dixit also vouched for vitamin C serums, which help in lightening the blemishes on one's face. "In the morning, we ought to begin the day by washing the face and then applying sunscreen," she suggested.

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Treat your eyes like Alia Bhatt 

The popular belief that eye treatment is not as important as any other mode of skincare is wrong. Giving your eyes a good layer of hydration helps you keep the dark circles and bags at bay. According to the popular Bollywood Star, Alia Bhatt, Eye creams are her saviour. As someone who's under constant scrutiny on and off camera, Alia Bhatt knows that she can't let those dark circles or puffy eye bags shine through. That's why she uses rich ingredient eye creams to wake her peepers up.

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Stay fresh like Priyanka Chopra 

Priyanka Chopra vouches for the importance of using a moisturizer that not only helps your skin breathe but also helps you feel fresh.

“I just have a quick couple of steps that I do in the morning, and a couple of steps that I do at night, depending on how much I'm travelling, how my skin's feeling. Air travelling dehydrates your skin a lot, and I'm on a plane almost every seven days. So it's important to keep it hydrated. I try to experiment with different masks while flying. The second thing I use is an amazing moisturizer right before I land. I keep my moisturizer with me everywhere. It's in my bag, it's in my toiletry case. I just put a bunch of it on before I do my makeup. And I feel absolutely fresh.",  she says.

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Pack it up with sunscreen

Every skin enthusiast and celebrity knows that the harmful UV rays from the sun are their enemy. Ask any celebrity what is the biggest celebrity beauty tip, and they’ll tell you to protect your skin from the sun at all costs. Every celebrity keeps a sunscreen handy at all times and so should you.

Your skin, your asset 

While these celebrity skincare tips will help you take better care of your skin and keep it glowing, your skin is your own and consistency is key. Maintaining a well-rounded skincare routine is the best choice you can make for yourself. While using beauty products is recommended, you also need to make sure that the products you use are not harmful to your skin. So, starting today, choose clean beauty and treat yourself to better and healthier skincare.

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