This season get the most out of your summer skincare routine

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This season get the most out of your summer skincare routine



Does sunscreen come first or last? Is applying serum post moisturiser effective? What products are ideal for people with oily skin? How to layer skincare products? Why adjust the routine for summers? When it comes to skincare, layering is the key to achieving luminous, radiant skin amidst these soaring temperatures. However, it requires some strategy- it is crucial to choose which texture will go in first and what are its benefits. Sounds a bit overwhelming? Fret not! We have designed the perfect summer skincare routine that will help you pick the right products, ones suitable for your skin type and help you achieve the perfect summer glow!

However, summer comes along with its own set of climatic shenanigans. The scorching heat, soaring temperatures, incessant humidity and the sweat can really throw off our skin in a bad space and disrupt our skin equilibrium. Let’s understand how our skin is affected by the various seasonal changes and how we can tackle them.

Summer Skincare Routine: Understanding The Shenanigans

  • Increased Sun Exposure: Sunny days mean beach trips, longer hangouts, and outdoor fun with friends and family. But all that sun time can lead to sunburns, tan lines, and maybe even a wrinkle or two.

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  • Incessant Humidity: The hot, humid weather can be a real bummer! It increases your skin’s propensity to produce more oil and sebum. This makes your skin appear oily, greasy and heavy. This can exacerbate the skin condition and eventually result in acne breakouts.
  • Sweating it out too loud: Sweating is natural in our bodies, as it is the only way our bodies can cool down through perspiration. However, during summers our skin tends to perspire more than usual. This can strip away the natural oils, leaving the skin feeling dry and irritated.

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    The Power of Adaptation with your Summer Skin Care Routine.

    The key to keeping your skin happy and healthy through such adverse conditions is by tweaking your skincare regimen a little to address these seasonal changes. These few changes in your skincare routine can make a world of difference and help your skin thrive even in this scorching heat. Come, let’s delve into the subtle art of skincare layering with the best summer skincare products that will help you unlock the allure of radiant skin this season.

    Revitalize Your Routine: Double Cleansing For Summer

    The first and the most important step in skincare products for glowing skin is cleansing your face thoroughly. A clean canvas lays down the premises for other products to penetrate the skin and work their magic for guaranteed results. This is where the double cleansing routine comes into play.

    Step 1: Double Cleanse

    Double cleansing is characterised by a two-step process that helps in removing all traces of makeup, oil, sweat, and dirt accumulated throughout the day. The first step in skin care routine for dry skin in summers is all about removing the stubborn oils, leftover sunscreen, makeup and other impurities gently without being harsh to the skin.

  • Choose an oil-based cleanser that seamlessly melts away the sweat, excess makeup, leftover SPF, dirt and sweat accumulated throughout the day and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, soft and rejuvenated. The summer heat can really disrupt your skin’s pH balance and natural barrier.

  • The second step in double cleansing is followed by a water-based cleanser that removes all the remaining dirt, oil and other impurities. Although double cleansing is quite effective for people with oily skin, wearing heavy makeup or living in polluted urban areas, it is generally recommended for everyone to follow the summer skincare routine.
  • Boosting Hydration: The Power of Masks in Summer Skincare Routine

    Post a thorough cleanse, hydration is crucial for achieving healthy, summer-ready skin. Sealing in the moisture with essential nutrients and vitamins fortifies your skin against various environmental stressors as well. This is where hydrating masks come in!

    Step 2: Mask

    Face masks are potent treatments designed to target specific skin concerns like premature ageing, dehydration, pigmentation, dullness, and oiliness. They offer a luxurious spa-like experience at home and provide numerous benefits for your skin, classified as an ideal step in any skin care routine for dry skin in summers.

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  • Hydration Boost:Masks envelop the skin, sealing in active ingredients to improve texture and appearance while replenishing moisture.
  • pH Balance:Summer elements can disrupt the skin's natural pH balance; masks help restore equilibrium, promoting healthy skin function.
  • Quick Revitalization:Masks provide a quick-fix for tired skin, delivering hydration and nourishment within minutes.
  • Let’s explore certain face masks suitable for different types of skin.

    O2Wow Oxygenating and Firming Mask: This hydrating cleansing face mask is suitable for people with normal to dry skin that specifically targets areas of concerns like pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dullness to reveal a brighter, more radiant and youthful complexion. It deeply hydrates, soothes and revitalises your skin by giving you instant gratification, a true luxurious indulgence.

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    Vin Rouge Resurfacing Mask: This Moroccan rhassoul clay mask in your summer skincare routine is suitable for oily skin types, prone to clogged pores, acne and breakouts. Enriched with the goodness of non-alcoholic red wine & vitamin E, this skin brightening face mask regulates the production of oil, unclogs the pores to inhibit the growth of acne-inducing bacteria and leaves the skin feeling clean, toned and hydrated.

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    Summer Skincare Routine: Choosing the Right Moisturiser

    Post cleansing, prepping and masking your skin it is important to lock in all the goodness with a light-weight, non-comedogenic moisturiser.

    Step 3: Moisturise

    Look for lightweight, non-greasy, collagen-boosting moisturisers that will lock in the moisture with other essential nutrients. Gel-based moisturisers like Plumped! Plumping Serum are ideal for the heaty summers as they are super-light weight in texture, absorb quickly and deeply hydrate without leaving the skin feeling too dewy.

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    Elevate Your Summer Essentials : Serums and Actives

    Serums and other targeted treatments are like capsule collections of active ingredients that target specific skin concerns like acne, breakouts, dark circles, puffiness, and more in your summer skincare routine.

    Step 4: Targeted Treatment

    The summer heat can exacerbate certain skin conditions that call for some extra TLC. Here are a couple of targeted treatments to consider:

  • Under Eye Gel: Sun exposure, fatigue, and dehydration can contribute to dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. A skincare gel like Eyefinity All-In-One Under-eye gel formulated with ingredients like soya flavonoids and stem cells can help reduce puffiness, brighten dark circles, and keep the delicate under-eye area hydrated.
  • Summer Pro-Tip: Store your skincare gel in a refrigerator for a cooling effect that will give you a super-refreshing feeling on a hot summer day.

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  • Acne Skincare Gel (For Acne-Prone Skin): Increased sweat and oil production during summer can lead to breakouts for those who are acne-prone. Look for acne skin care products for summers to tackle these pesky breakouts. An acne skincare gel like Calm Your Zits with ingredients like tea tree oil, japanese extract and niacinamide can help combat breakouts by unclogging pores and reducing inflammation.
  • Shield Your Skin: Sunscreen Essentials for Summer Routine

    Step 5: Protect

    Sun protection is crucial throughout the year, particularly in summer. Shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen like Sundaze, boasting SPF 35 PA+++. This innovative sunblock not only provides effective protection but also leaves no white cast, ensuring a non-greasy finish. It's reef-safe and proudly India's first natural-based sunblock, making it an ideal essential in your summer skincare routine that can be easily reapplied throughout the day.

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    In a nutshell, we’ve explored the key steps to unlocking a luminous skin complexion this summer. We've covered the importance of cleansing and prepping your canvas, boosting hydration with masks, locking in moisture with the right moisturiser, and targeting specific concerns with serums and treatments.

    Remember, a well-layered skincare routine is like a summer cocktail for your skin – each element plays a role in creating a refreshing and healthy overall effect. However, the best summer skincare routine is the one that works for YOU! Experiment with different products and find what makes your skin feel happy and healthy. So, soak in some summer-fun, follow your skincare routine and savour some ice-candies to beat the heat.

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