Skincare & makeup trends for 2023: It’s time to ditch chemicals, go clean

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Skincare & makeup trends for 2023: It’s time to ditch chemicals, go clean


skincare trends in 2023’

More than ever, there is a focus on sustainable living, thus it is time for us to accept that clean beauty is not just a fad but a completely new and developed lifestyle. People are generally willing to appreciate clean beauty, even if there isn’t a major trend of chasing it, as we have repeatedly observed. The public's knowledge of self-care and wellness products has expanded exponentially, in addition to the rise in the consumption of clean beauty products.


Trends including the use of probiotics in skincare, blue-light protection, sustainable beauty, skinmalism, and many more increased in popularity last year. Even though all of these trends have been dominating the beauty industry since 2021, they have still been prevalent this year and are here to stay.


A few new and absolutely gorgeous beauty trends for 2023 have been all the rage, some of which will carry over from this year into the next. Let's examine a few of the beauty trends of 2023.

Ingredients in Skincare That Are Popular in 2023

During the pandemic, term searches for ‘skincare’ and other skin care chemicals increased by 143%*. Products with hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and AHAs + BHAs found their way into everyone's vanities as people finally grasped the proper pronunciation. In the past two years, a few skincare actives, including Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, ceramides, probiotics, and bakuchiol, have become quite important. Niacinamide, which we have already been utilising, has been one of the ingredients to watch in 2023.


Vitamin B3 is also known as niacinamide, and it is finally receiving the respect and affection it deserves in B-town! It falls under the group of actives that brighten the skin and delivers on its claims. It lessens spots and discoloration, giving your skin the radiance it deserves. Our skin's barrier can be strengthened while also becoming healthier and plumper thanks to niacinamide's ultra-gentle and restorative properties.

Makeup Trends in 2023

Since as long as we can remember, makeup has been an essential component of women's daily life. Clean skincare routines and products have recently taken centre stage in everyone's life, but nothing can match the beauty of maquillage. Makeup gives us the ability to emphasise our greatest face features, to appear our best, and to feel confident in a way that perhaps nothing else ever would!


We used to only use powders for makeup, but today we also use base primer, foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blush, highlighter, lipstick, eye makeup, and an endless list of other products. Statement blush, glossy lips, and eyeliners are just a few of this year's trends. The following list of 2023 makeup trends includes:

Embellished Eye Makeup

Similar to how Drama Eyes swept influencers and millennials alike last year, jewelled eye makeup has taken over in 2023. Consider everything you can: sequins, glitter, metallics, and embellishments on your eyebrows, upper eyelids, and even forehead are the best places to start!

Timeless, Natural/Minimal Makeup

One trend that has been getting a lot of attention over the past year is hardly there foundation. This year, the trend has advanced by concentrating mostly on skincare, which is defined by moisturised skin, pulled-back hair, and very little makeup.

Tech-Infused Makeup

A "tech-infused palette" with holographic finishes and hints of turquoise, silver, and virtual purple is predicted to revolutionise the beauty and cosmetics industries, according to trend forecasting website Trendalytics.

Beauty Trends in 2023

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The use of plastic-free packaging, which includes materials like glass in place of plastic tubes and containers, green honeycomb wrap in place of bubble wrap, shredded paper in place of plastic air pillows, cardboard corrugated boxes, recyclable plastic bottles, etc., has become a priority for sustainable brands. According to a recent poll, 51% of supply chain experts predict that the pandemic would increase interest in the circular economy during the next two years. Simply simply, environmentally friendly packaging will eventually result in a smaller carbon footprint.

Conscious Beauty

Total beauty has not kept up with the emergence of sustainable and clean products. Consumers are increasingly looking for items that are not just better for the environment, but also better for themselves. Making both the earth and you look good is the main goal of conscious beauty. It covers a wide range of topics under one banner, including clean beauty, green beauty, sustainable beauty, natural, organic, non-toxic, toxin-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. The knowledgeable consumer of today wants to contribute significantly to the greater good. As more individuals become aware of the harm that hazardous chemicals can cause to their skin as well as the environment, purchasing habits are changing. Conscious consumerism is the name given to the present shift in the consumer paradigm, which is steadily on the rise.


There is no denying the growth of clean beauty. There is no doubting that our ecosystem is experiencing negative effects, which while irreversible, can be changed moving ahead. As members of the (clean) beauty sector, we continue to learn, develop as aware beings, and work to get better gradually but certainly. It is a little outlandish to expect the cosmetics sector to become sustainable given that the larger firms have not yet adapted to conscientious means. While trends may come and go, pristine beauty endures.

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