Notox: The Holistic Alternative To Botox

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Notox: The Holistic Alternative To Botox



Botox fillers, PRP treatments, vampire facials, we live in a world where women, especially, are conditioned to think that beauty is the ultimate goal of their lives. Society has set such unexpected standards of beauty which has reinforced women to always look at themselves from the eyes of others, their opinions. There is another angle to beauty as well, that defines the standards of beauty everyday, shaking a woman’s self-worth and confidence: Magazines, news articles, celebrities and the biggest culprit of all: Social Media.


With Instagram filters, editing apps, angle manipulation, women are put under such immense and unobtrusive pressure that it has outright turned into toxicity and kicked a sense of overwhelmingness.


The dream of being immortal and looking eternal has forced women to go under the needle and practice filler treatments like botox to satiate the society with the standardised concept of beauty and looking ageless. But what people are not thinking about over a few years of temporary happiness are the side effects of such invasive treatments and injectables. Oh, & the cost of it too.


There is a certain dichotomy between the standardised beauty remarks these days, one where people are up for getting such treatments done. And the other where consumers are mindful of what they are applying on their faces and perhaps opt for clean, organic and natural skincare products to be away from any unwanted reactions or side-effects.


build your own skincare routine


To save yourself from the unwanted reactions and yet get that Kendal-like botox look, go NOTOX, in simpler terms, choose natural alternatives to notox for wrinkles and fine lines that give you a radiant, fuller, younger and fresher look that needs no Instagram Filters.


What is NOTOX?

Notox is a holistic alternative practised in the fear of botox and its side effects. All the natural remedies, natural treatments devoid of any machines, injectables and invasive tools come under the umbrella of Notox.


Why is there a fear of botox? Let's take you back in history. In the 1900s, a type of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum was discovered to cause food poisoning. Later, we got to know that the same bacteria could be useful in practising this illusion like treatments that give the facial features a fuller look by paralysing a few muscles.


After the invasion of the medical technologies, botox, an invasive treatment was successful in tricking the process of ageing. This grabbed a lot of eyeballs, especially in the influential community who need to be in front of the public eye as a job.


Botox is a disruptive treatment, but tricks the body in looking a certain way by filling up those significant areas with the help of injections. In this process, you inhibit the muscles to move to their optimum level and emote naturally. It paralyses the signals transmitted from the nervous system to the muscles.


The surprising element is, it's not as harmful as it may sound and hence has garnered attention. It diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines in a good way and hence has reinforced people in their 20s to practise the same.


In the beginning of this following article, we had emphasised on our holistic perspective towards beauty and skincare & how a few small shifts in your daily skincare routine can just turn around your whole skincare game. Below are a few healthy and natural alternatives to botox that prevent the signs of ageing from popping out on the skin.


  • Make SPF your 24/7 BFF: Sunscreen is this magical age-reversal potion that protects you from the harmful UV rays that could certainly exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots on your face. UV rays emitted from the sun are extremely harmful for our skin which along with enlarging the signs of premature ageing also increases tanning, sporadic patches of dark spots, sagging skin, & pigmentation. All these factors are also responsible for making us look mature and dull. Perhaps, to avoid this menace, make sunscreen your BFF.


    build your own skincare routine

  • Icing your face with specific tools: The frozen version of water that cools you down on a hot and humid day also has the potential to soothe your skin with its countless benefits. The cult favourite ice globes and ice rollers, tools which are loved by all skincare enthusiasts and aficionados have the potential to give you a luxurious and spa-like treatment with a one-time investment cost to give your skin a fresh, firm and radiating glow. Ice has the capacity to boost circulation of nutrients, stimulates blood flow, reduces puffiness and inflammation, increases the skin’s elasticity and adds a soothing and calming effect on the face.


    build your own skincare routine

  • Incorporate skin firming and plumping serums in your skincare routine: Now that we have emphasised on sunscreen, it's time we introduce and stress on the importance of including skin-plumping serums to prove that age is truly just a number. Skin firming and plumping serums trigger the circulation of blood, increase collagen production, adds moisture and locks in the existing water molecules for the extra dose of suppleness & boosts the skin’s elasticity. Using these serums everyday is vital to see the promised results. Introducing BiE's Plumpled! Plumping serum that replenishes the skin’s natural barrier, increases the collagen production and adds a plumping effect that makes the skin look younger, firmer and glowing with its superhero ingredients like collagen, stem cells and geranium oil. Make an investment in your skin today!

  • What goes inside, always reflects outside: Enrich your diet with vitamin supplements and rich foods that help you reverse your age organically. Incorporate foods rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are responsible for strengthening the skin’s elasticity, boosting collagen, triggering blood circulation, replenishing the skin with healthy nutrients & radiating glow on the skin. However, sometimes even after eating such rich foods in our diet, we get certain vitamin deficiencies due to its inadequacy. This is when you add supplements in your system to fill up the gap and give yourself the chance to achieve everlasting radiating and beautiful skin.

    Benefits of "Notox"

    The advantages of using "Notox" products over cosmetic procedures.

  • There no side-effects as compared to cosmetic procedures: Let’s throw some light on the definition of Botox and explain what it exactly means and does. Botox, known as Botulinum Toxin, is an invasive treatment or an injectable that treats specific areas of the face to change facial features or cheat the ageing process. In this process, it inhibits the communication between the nerves and the muscles for a long period of time for the fluid to do its work for the treatment. In simpler terms, the brain is unable to pass any message to the muscle to cause any action. Shocking right! While on the other hand, natural alternatives to botox for wrinkles cause no such harm to the nervous system and reverses the signs of ageing without paralysing the face.

  • Notox products and procedures are cost effective: The natural alternatives to botox for wrinkles or any other cosmetic treatments are usually cheaper and more cost effective. White, a single Botox injection costs a lot more, & the pricing also depends on the charges of the technician injecting the fluid in your body. The more the experience of the doctor, the more expensive the treatment will be.

  • Permanent is pertinent with non-invasive products and Notox: To biggest downside to Botox treatments are its temporary results which lasts only up to 3-6 months post the treatment. After a few months, once it loses its effect the fluid needs to be administered again into that muscle to reverse ageing. In this back and forth process, that particular muscle which is constantly being abused by the needle freezes or paralyses for a longer period of time and the patients are unable to perform a few simple bodily actions like smiling, frowning, raising the brows, etc.

    Non-invasive treatments and natural products have no such side effects and they allow you to perform your daily bodily functions without paralysing any of your muscles. With natural products, the results are permanent too. All you need to do is be consistent with your routine and incorporate a well-curated effective skincare routine.


    Testimonials with Notox: Notox is synonyms with natural alternative ingredients, products and methods. Below are a few testimonials of people dealing with skin issues and how switching to natural and home-grown remedies changed their skin for the better.


    A consumer dealing with cystic acne all her life switched to her home-grown cleansers and moisturisers to treat her acne. Cleanser: This step might seem so miniscule but in hindsight holds a lot of importance for the health of your skin. All chemically formulated cleansers promise to deeply cleanse your face and remove all the stubborn dirt and oil accumulated under the dermis but simultaneously strips off the natural oils from the skin and make it more dry. Dry skin invites acne due to the imbalance of oils responsible to keep the skin hydrated and supple.


    Here comes the natural alternatives, hemp seed oil with lavender cleanses the skin thoroughly and balances out oily skin without clogging pores, improves and restores skin elasticity, and also has antioxidant properties that help regenerate new cells.


    With moisturisers, many chemical moisturisers tend to turn the skin oily and lead to clogged pores. Jojoba oil with lavender acts as an emollient and hydrates the skin thoroughly without building up any sebum and clogging pores. Jojoba oil is very close to your skin’s natural sebum, so it tricks oily skin types into producing less oil. It also acts as a great source of Vitamin E and antioxidants. The addition of lavender gives it added antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and healing benefits.


    To add up to this, facial rollers, jade rollers and gua sha are skin-tightening, firming and age-reversal magical tools that trick your skin into looking younger and more structured. These tools trigger blood circulation, boost cell turnover, rush in a host of nutrients and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and elasticity, that realistically prove that, “age is just a number”.


    Tips for Maximising Results with the Use of "Notox" Products.

  • The first step in curating a natural skincare regimen is determining your skin type and what your skin needs. After you have determined and analysed your skin needs and type follow it up with gathering natural ingredients catering to specific skin concerns and requirements and segregate them into skincare steps.

    Any basic, simple and effective skincare routine must have the following steps: Cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating and sunscreen


    build your own skincare routine


    Experiment with the natural ingredients, assemble them together, try them on your skin and decipher which combination works the best for your skin.

    The advantage with natural products is that it has no side effects and is completely safe for your skin.

    Once you have curated your natural skincare routine, follow it diligently and consistently.


  • Keep the products in front of you: Assemble your daytime skincare products right in your bathroom cabinet. When the products are kept in front of your eyes it is easier to get a hold of them and apply on the face. Post your shower, apply the products step-by-step in the thinnest-to-thickest ascending order.
  • For your night time routine, keep your night-care products next to your bed to avoid skipping the steps.


    The importance of consistency and patience for achieving desired results. Consistency is the key for glowing, radiant, fresher and firmer skin. It is important to follow every step diligently everyday for the products to show its results.



    It is important we embrace beauty rather than always criticising it. Expressing gratitude, affirming positive thoughts and being gentle towards your skin are the key points for achieving everlasting beauty.

    On the contrary, due to the massive exposure to social media, humans always fall into the trap of tricking their skin into looking smoother, finer, wrinkle-free and ageless. These factors are responsible for manipulating them into the quick fix world of botox treatments, injectables, invasive treatments and high-dose chemical products. However, all this fades away soon and reinforces you to use them again and again.


    build your own skincare routine


    Perhaps, it is imperative we think rationally and switch to natural alternatives that promise you good skin eternally. The positive for the same is that these natural alternatives have absolutely no side effects.


    So respect your skin, embrace the imperfections and always show gratitude because when the mind is happy, the skin reflects positivity and radiance. Till then happy and healthy skin to all!

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