Hacked: Self-Love as a Synonym of Transformation

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Hacked: Self-Love as a Synonym of Transformation
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Quite often there is an urge to look for a perfect self-love caption or a self-care quote that coincides with the picture we eagerly look forward to posting on social media. However, have you ever questioned yourself about why you feel the need to do so, even if it may not be what you truly feel from the inside? Well, the possible answer to a question like this could primarily rest on the concept of- fake it till you make it.Amidst fierce competition for who gets to be a better person than the other, sadly enough, the journey of genuinely working on yourself continues to decline.

The existence of a handful of familiar concepts that deserve more attention are self-love and making time for yourself, which have an uncanny resemblance to the ideology of metamorphosis. Let’s dig deeper.

The Fact of the Matter

Ask a million people what they prefer doing while they are spending time alone and you will get a million different answers. Some cling to the old-fashioned ‘I don’t need time alone, I’d rather spend time with my family or friends’ while others feel the need to disappear from sight every once in a while, with the thought of never reappearing. As irrational as that sounds, sometimes it can be a good idea. Spending time alone is an activity not many of us are accustomed to. Before you even get to thinking about that, you have a long list of things that deserve to hold the top spot on your list of priorities.

What is Self-Love?

Being the best version of yourself does not mean you have to tick off each box that says ‘I have to be happy every day’ or ‘I am perfect’. It does not mean you steer away from accepting your flaws. Instead, it simply translates to becoming comfortable with being up against yourself. You are aware that you are made up of a few flaws, everybody is, but the best part is that you are willing to challenge yourself and work on them. You love yourself enough to give yourself:

  1. The best nutrition

  2. Adequate rest

  3. Time to maintain good health and stay fit

  4. A fair share of time to relax and unwind

  5. A tribe that makes you smile ear-to-ear and brings out your squeaky laugh

  6. A mindset that opens doors for personal growth

  7. The pattern of building long-term habits

  8. A few minutes for meditation and mindfulness

  9. Consume the kind of information that inspires you

You love yourself enough to invest in your well-being and self-evolution. You love yourself enough to become the best version of yourself. That’s precisely what self-love stands for.

A candle, tea, a vegan chocolate bar, books and bath salts placed on the side of a bathtub

Make Time for Yourself

Whether it is stepping out for a quick stroll, taking care of your skin, binge-watching your favorite show, or reading for half an hour, it counts as giving time to yourself. It does take a while to get accustomed to prioritizing yourself, but the way to get there is to indulge in small-scale activities. Perhaps start by investing half an hour each day in doing something that you absolutely enjoy and find relaxing. This refuels, recharges & resets your mind, body & spirit to take on the rest of life’s responsibilities with ease. It simply brings you closer to celebrating the value of time and making the most out of it.

We spend an awful lot of time wondering about what “might” happen in the future, without realizing the value of the time at hand. When you go for a 3-hour long movie, you’re thinking “Oh, three hours, that’s quite long”, but do you realize where time passes? We think we have time, but we don’t. Every second, you are a step closer to spending an entire minute. Choose wisely. ‘Not today, tomorrow’ is a phrase that often butchers the time you have right now. Remember, you won’t have enough time to undo and redo it. It’s time to cherish time. For yourself.

You have got to make time for yourself! Give yourself time till you are vested with the power of loving yourself with every fiber of your being.

A hand holding a pen with the words ‘ every day is a fresh start’ lettered onto a note book

The Tale of Metamorphosis

We are all well acquainted with the fundamental concept of metamorphosis which has to do with the life cycle of a butterfly. Little did we know that our journey in life is also largely dependent on the process of metamorphosis.

With us humans, the journey of metamorphosis looks something like this:

  1. Reaching a state of awareness. Holding a mirror up to yourself, becoming acutely & fearlessly aware of what goes on within us and around us. Just blatant awareness.

  2. The power of recognition. The ability to identify what is good or bad for yourself, what to let go of and what to hold on to, and so on and so forth. Also being able to put a finger on what is in your control and out of your control.

  3. Building belief. Belief in yourself is the holy grail of affirmative change.

  4. The execution period. After you are aware, have recognized each activity and emotion, and established faith, it is time to get started on the work.

To put it in simple words, metamorphosis means transformation. To allow yourself to grow, you must learn to outgrow the hurdles, the ifs, and the buts. Unlock your ability to make the most of your flaws and transform them into your biggest strengths. Like how you have to consistently water a plant for it to grow, similarly, you need to keep nourishing your mind, body, and soul to be able to reach your optimum potential. Trust the process.

Metamorphosis is…

  1. Being able to pull yourself together the next morning after having a bad day. You are transforming into a person who refuses to give up.

  2. The moment you decide to be kind to yourself.
    You are transforming into a person who takes care of their heart.

  3. When you invest time in practicing self-care.
    You are transforming into a person who wants to become a better version of yourself.

  4. Structuring your life and following a routine.
    You are transforming into a person who believes in the potential of consistency.

Each investment brings you a step closer to becoming the person you have always desired to be. Every day, look for signs around you that empower you to drive towards a transformation.

This is Your Story

There is a fine line between accepting your flaws and being willing to transform into a better version of yourself. Spend time with yourself and introspect. Invite the power of self-love into your being like it is one of your daily activities.

When you recognize that you have reached a point in your life where you can proudly claim ‘I am loving the person I am transforming into’, you will also be able to comprehend that you are not settling for mediocrity. There’s always room to evolve and grow. This is your sign to embark on a journey of personal transformation that leads you to meet the best version of yourself!










Love what you do and do what you love’ written on a wooden signboard


  1. Today, I am a better person than I was yesterday.

  2. I have embarked on an exhilarating journey of self-care.

  3. I strive to be consistent to reach my full potential.

  4. I am slowly transforming into the best version of myself.

  5. I am proud of myself for making it this far.

  6. I am grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way.

  7. I am going to always allow myself to grow.


You love yourself so much, you never want to give in to mediocrity. You are panting for consistent growth and evolution. You have set the bar too high, for yourself, by yourself.

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