Besties – The Real Influencers: Life’s Best Advice Comes From Them

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Besties – The Real Influencers: Life’s Best Advice Comes From Them

Throughout our lives, we’ve learned so much about genuine love, and in that, we’ve realized the importance of cultivating relationships and surrounding ourselves with people who get us on a soul level. The ones who know what you’re trying to communicate with just one look. The ones who take on the roles of mother, brother, father, sister as and when needed. The ones who go deeper to defend you and the ones you can trust with your whole heart. But to the most cherished ones, you can run to for any life advice.

You can talk for hours on end with your best friend and still have things to say to them. So here’s a little skincare routine you can share with your best friend. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also schedule a little date night and do this routine together!

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Everything Skincare To Share With Your Besties

Everything’s better when you do it with friends, and your beauty routine is no different. Whether you have a reason to break out your date night skin care routine or not there’s no one better to have around than the people who make you feel more confident, proud, and beautiful—your BFFs. After all, they’re the people you want around on your best days and your worst. From celebrating success to helping you handle your woes, we’ve compiled the six step beauty routine—from cleansing your skin to applying face masks that you should always do with your best friends.

    1. Double Cleansing

Double cleans to draw out all the dirt, grit, grime, and excess oil that can clog pores. To double cleanse, all you have to do is use a cleanser first, followed by a face wash which helps remove all the dirt and has your and your bestie’s skin looking refreshed.

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    1. Exfoliator/ Mask

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells while clearing pores. It is a very important step to help your skin take a breather. Exfoliating masks or scrubs will remove leftover grime and help the skin soak up other products. Long-term exfoliating can also increase collagen production which is the key to glowing, vibrant skin. Face masks must be used in the middle of your skin care routine, after cleansing and exfoliation. Apply a mask and let it stay on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

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    1. Eye Treatment

Eye creams are an important part of your daily skin care routine. Delicately tap and massage on an eye treatment formula specific to your eye-area issues. Use your ring finger to apply as it avoids tugging on delicate skin and causing damage since it exudes the least amount of pressure.

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    1. Serum

A serum that is customized to your skin's needs can both treat and protect your skin. Look for serums that suit your skin type and you can pamper your skin with daily.

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    1. Moisturiser/ Gel

Follow this up with a good moisturiser as your last step. A good moisturiser hydrates and moisturises the skin while also locking in all of the other products you've used. Along with moisturisers, face gels can make your skin look energized, bright, and clean as well. Face gels are a lighter source of hydration as compared to creams. So you can also go for that if you’re looking for a lighter cream to end your day with. You can also apply face oil for dry skin to get an extra boost of moisture.

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Add to this, your late-night rant sessions and don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep! You’ll never feel better.


From life advice to relationship advice to skincare tips, there are so many things besties stick around for. They help us grow and change for the better. They support us in good times and in bad. They can make us laugh when all we want to do is cry. And no matter how far apart time and distance may cause us to grow from one another we always have the comfort of knowing that these true friends are still there for us, cheering us on and wishing us the best. So this Friendship Day, have a little fun with beauty and your bestie, and pamper yourselves with a little skincare treat. If you’re looking for a good skin care routine kit to gift your best friend, shop by concern at BiE and get a kit that is tailored to your bestie’s skin needs.

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