Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen in the Fall & Winter

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Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen in the Fall & Winter


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Winter has arrived! Sweaters, pumpkin spice latte, and sunscreen are in order. Yes, even when it's cold outside and the sun might not be out as much, you still need sunscreen. The sun's harmful UV rays are there all year round, not just when it's sunny. This indicates that you should always wear sunscreen and use the best moisturizer for dry skin to protect your skin, regardless of the season!

Do You Need Sunscreen in the Winter?

While UVB rays have a shorter wavelength and are less prevalent in gloomy and chilly months, UVA rays have a larger wavelength and are always present. Skin that is constantly exposed to UV rays without any protection may develop hyper-pigmentation, sunburn, skin cancer, or even premature ageing (wrinkles and fine lines). This is why you should always use sunscreen. Sunscreen adds a layer of defence to your skin, promotes general skin health, and protects you from problems like skin cancer and premature ageing.


However, sunscreen can shield you from other threats as well. Sunscreen also offers defence against harmful environmental elements and exposure to blue light. Blue light is emitted by the screens of the technological devices we use every day, such as our phones, televisions, and computers. A thick layer of sunscreen or a face gel for dry skin can lessen the damaging environmental elements that your skin might encounter when vacationing on an island or just going about your day to day life.


Benefits of Regularly Applying Sunscreen in the Winter & Fall


1. Sunscreen Guards Against Snow & Ice Reflection of UV Rays

It is well known that UVA rays can reflect off of common wintertime surfaces like snow and ice. On days when it's cold and there is less sunshine, they can even seep through the clouds. These rays are particularly harmful because they can damage the skin by reflecting off of objects like glass or ice, penetrating the skin more deeply. Your skin can still be penetrated by the light that is reflected. Due to the fact that you won't feel your skin warming up like you would in the summer or during warmer months, the majority of people are ignorant that their skin is even being damaged. Before they encounter tight, heated skin at home (a sign of sunburn), you might not be aware that they are getting sunburnt.


2. Sunscreen Reduces the Risk of Early Aging

The fact that sunscreen promotes anti-ageing is one of its finest advantages. Elastin and collagen, two proteins that help with skin elasticity, can be harmed by harmful UV rays. Early indications of ageing include fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration.


3. Reduces the Risk of Melanoma

The most dangerous type of skin cancer, melanoma, can develop as a result of frequent exposure to UV and radiation without proper or any protection. It happens when malignant pigment-producing cells, which are the cells that give skin its colour, start to develop uncontrollably. It's crucial to perform checks to see how it would seem on persons with darker skin because it can sometimes be harder to detect on people with a darker skin tone.


Getting to know your skin beforehand is an excellent method to spot anomalies in it. You don't need to perform extremely thorough tests, but you should be familiar with your skin and how it generally appears. As a result, you will be able to identify any sudden spots, hyperpigmentation with odd shapes, or irritated areas of your skin.


4. Less Moisturised Skin

You have probably observed that when it's chilly outside, your skin is drier and more sensitive. Your skin continually loses moisture in the winter because there is less humidity and frequently faster winds. Dryness makes the surface of your skin more visible and increases the likelihood that it will crack or break, putting you at risk for infection. In the winter, using sunscreen might help replenish some of the moisture your skin has lost.


5. Sunscreen Loses its Effectiveness Quicker in the Winter

Sunscreen will wash off quicker if you sweat in the summer heat, swim, or spend time on a sandy beach. As a result, you must frequently reapply. Many individuals are unaware that the harsh winter temperatures will also quickly decrease sunscreen's effectiveness. Sunscreen is weakened by wind, snow, sleet, and even the cold temperatures themselves, so you should reapply often for maximum protection. In the winter months, lunchtime is the ideal time to reapply sunscreen.


6. Avoid Sunburn

Although getting a sunburn can be exceedingly painful, itchy, and annoying, it can also be very bad for your skin's health. It is natural to forget sunscreen at times, but the consequences can be terrible sunburns and all the agony associated with them for days. Always wear sunscreen, whether you're out with friends, taking a break from skiing in the shade, or even just driving around doing your holiday shopping.



Care Tips for Your Skin During Winters

It's crucial to wear sunscreen and stay as warm as you can during the winter. It's crucial to know whether you have dry, mixed, or oily skin in the winter. Winter is the best time to moisturise yourself well if you have dryer skin.


It's crucial to moisturise your skin, even if you don't generally have dry skin. The skin loses moisture in the winter due to the extreme cold. Dehydration can cause the skin to become very dry and stiff, which may lead to cracks. Those tiny open cuts may make the skin vulnerable to infection. You might wish to spend money on hyaluronic acid, a popular hydrating element in serums, or even a thicker moisturiser. The natural moisture of your skin can be helped by using a moisturiser that genuinely softens and moisturises your skin.


It's no secret that the sun can be brutal in the summertime, but it can also be downright dangerous during other seasons too. Make sure you're wearing sunscreen during the fall and winter months to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Not only will this help keep your skin healthy, but it'll also help keep you looking handsome – or at least less like a lobster – all year round!

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