10 Monsoon Skincare Essentials to Keep You Ready This Rainy Season

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10 Monsoon Skincare Essentials to Keep You Ready This Rainy Season


The monsoon has arrived with its drizzling drops, wet soil, green trees, blossoming flowers, cool breeze, and hot food. But this season also comes with its fair share of skin problems. While the downpour brings you a breath of relief from the sticky, sultry summers, it also scales up the humidity which is no less than a nightmare for your skin's health. This is why you must switch up your routine and skin care products for every season.

What is the Best Monsoon Skincare Routine?

Regardless of your skin concerns and the weather, a solid skincare routine should be followed. During the monsoon and following increase in humidity levels, our skin tends to produce more sebum. Due to this excess production, our skin’s pores get clogged, which in turn leads to acne breakouts. To avoid this from happening, you should follow a simple rainy season skin care routine that will help to cleanse your skin, remove excess oil, and keep you hydrated.

dry skin even after moisturizing


Here is the order of steps you should follow:

1. Double Cleanse: If you're looking to remove the dirt and impurities stuck in your pores due to the constant exposure to humidity and pollution, you cannot leave double cleansing out of the picture. Pick a good, hydrating cleanser and antioxidant-rich face wash that is not harsh on your skin as the first step.


2. Exfoliate/Mask: Humidity tends to attract dirt and other particles which may get stuck to the surface of your face. A gentle exfoliator for all skin types will not only help you get rid of the dirt but will also unclog your pores and leave your skin feeling fresh and lively.


3. Eye Treatment: Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate, this is typically the first area to show fine lines and signs of aging, which is why under-eye gels are important all year round.


4. Serum: This skincare product is made with efficacious, light-weight formulations to help hydrate and nourish the skin. The right serums help minimize the host of monsoon skincare problems right from skin oiliness to acne and pore inflammation.


5. Moisturizer: The humidity may cause the skin to get oily thereby making you question the requirement of a moisturizer. However, this oil can cause breakouts and must be taken care of. One way to do it is by keeping the skin hydrated through drinking water and applying a lightweight moisturizer. Pick an oil-free moisturizer to avoid stickiness.


6. Sunscreen: Fewer sunrays and cloudier skies do not mean sunscreen isn’t needed. Sunscreen should be a mandatory part of your skincare routine throughout the year and must not be neglected if you wish for your skin to stay healthier and younger for a long time.


However, you might have to consider upgrading your skincare products with something that suits your skin in that particular season. But don’t fret; we have curated a list of must-have products for your monsoon skincare routine!


What Are The Best Monsoon Skincare Products To Invest In?

BiE’s Fresh Forward - Deep Hydrating Cleanser

Taking care of your skin during the monsoon season can seem like quite a task. Everything, from the rise in humidity to excessive sweating, can dehydrate your skin and make it dull. The first step that can help combat this skin concern is choosing the right cleanser. BiE’s Fresh Forward Cleanser provides everything you need from deeper hydration to decongesting pores and activating cell regeneration.
dry skin even after moisturizing

BiE’s Micro Detox Face Wash

During the monsoon, your skin tends to sweat a lot and get greasy, which is why you should use deep pore-purifying face washes to eliminate toxins. So if you have been looking for a good face wash to keep your skin monsoon-perfect, try the Micro Detox Face Wash curated by BiE to give your skin the ultimate deep-down detox. This face wash draws out dirt and oil, and improves skin tone. Use this right after the Fresh Forward Deep Hydrating Cleanser to double cleanse and reap visible results.
dry skin even after moisturizing

The Beauty Revealing Exfoliator by BiE


Exfoliation is one of the most effective things you can do for humidity-exposed skin - provided you do it gently. Exfoliating helps keep excessive sebum at bay. BiE’s Beauty Revealing Exfoliator is gentle on the face and skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells and reveals brighter skin. This is the go-to monsoon skincare exfoliating product to remove toxins, refine pores, and restore your skin’s pH balance.
dry skin even after moisturizing

BiE’s Vin Rouge – Resurfacing Mask


Choosing the right face mask is a great way to step up your skincare routine in the monsoons. The right mask is not just an indulgent treat — it can also tackle key skin concerns, from oiliness and excessive moisture to large pores and acne which are common problems during the rainy season. BiE’s Vin Rouge - Resurfacing Mask is a fusion of Vitamin E, non-alcoholic red wine, and Moroccan rhassoul clay that cleanses impurities and restores your skin’s natural glow.
dry skin even after moisturizing

Eyefinity - All-in-One Under Eye Gel


Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate, this is typically the first area to show fine lines and signs of aging. The Eyefinity All-In-One Under Eye Gel by BiE contains moisturizing ingredients that can help protect the skin around the eyes to delay signs of aging. This also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and overall eyelid puffiness.
dry skin even after moisturizing

BiE’s Plumped! - Plumping Serum


A great addition to our monsoon skin care routine is the right serum. They won't feel heavy on the skin during rainy and humid weather. The Plumped! Plumping Serum has been formulated with ingredients that replenish the skin barrier and enhance the biosynthesis of collagen, giving your skin a plumped and healthy look, making it an amazing addition to your rainy season skincare.
dry skin even after moisturizing

The Vin Rouge - Hydrating and Tightening Gel


All of us skincare enthusiasts dread the monsoon, but thanks to the heartening progress in skincare, we now have hydrating gels. This means you don't need creams or lotions; a lightweight gel is a good fit to rehydrate dry skin, especially during the sticky weather. BiE’s Vin-Rouge Hydrating and Tightening Gel is packed with potent ingredients that retain skin's natural moisture and ensure round-the-clock hydration.
dry skin even after moisturizing

BiE’s Superpower - Eternal Youth Cream


If you’re looking for an overnight moisturizer that fits the bill for a rainy night, try out BiE’s Superpower Eternal Youth Cream. This moisturizer not only helps keep your skin hydrated throughout, but it also helps revive your skin overnight and gives you a refreshed glow by day. It contains squalane which is an ingredient that provides exceptional hydration and deeply moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily finish, making it the perfect monsoon moisturizer.
dry skin even after moisturizing

The Illuminating Face Oil by BiE


Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients like kumkumadi oil, this facial oil minimizes fine lines and makes the skin smooth and supple. The licorice present in the facial oil helps skin repair and heal itself much quicker. The Illuminating Oil is a unique source to lock in hydration and also protect skin against redness and breakouts.
dry skin even after moisturizing

Monsoon Skincare Tips


1. SPF is non-negotiable even when it’s pouring. If you thought you need SPF only during summers, you thought wrong! Come rain or shine, you need to add sunscreen to your daily routine to protect your skin from the sun. The UVA and UVB rays damage your skin even when it is gloomy outside, so make sure to finish your monsoon skincare routine with a layer of sunscreen.


2. Cleanliness and care are the two factors that you must consider to take care of your skin and prevent infections. Clean your face at least three times a day during the rainy season to remove extra moisture and grime that clog your pores.


3. The humidity that is generated after rain can make your skin’s inner layer dry. Always use a nourishing or hydrating moisturizer to keep your skin moist, supple, and healthy. Try out hydrating gels for visible results.


4. Exfoliate your skin every other day with any gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin cells.


5. Keep yourself hydrated. It is vital to stay hydrated during the monsoon as it will help in maintaining a natural glow on your face while flushing out toxins in the form of sweat.


6. Last but not least, make the switch to clean beauty. Applying products with toxins in them will only cause more damage to your skin. Clean beauty products will deliver results, keep your skin problems at bay, and help save the environment. So go clean!



It's the monsoon season already and it is high time we make sure that our skin does not suffer due to the increased humidity. Different skin types are affected differently as seasons change, however, one habit that everyone must have in common is the willingness to change their skincare routine as soon as the need arises.


People often experience the problem of acne, fungal infections, and allergies during the monsoon season. The only way to combat this is to understand your skin's requirements and take care of it. Just like other seasons, your skin requires distinct skin care during the monsoon season. And the next step is to make sure you stay consistent to keep your skin healthy.

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