The Minimalist Monsoon Skincare Routine

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The Minimalist Monsoon Skincare Routine



As this beautiful season of cascading showers and lush greenery bestows upon us, it also brings about an incessant surge in the humidity and moisture levels in the environment. The cooler temperatures and the sweet scent of the damp ground entices us to enjoy the beautiful rains but every season comes along with its own set of issues too. The spike in the moisture levels weakens our skin’s natural barrier and makes it susceptible to external harmful factors and skin issues like acne, rashes, irritation, & inflammation. It is imperative we tailor a skincare routine with a targeted approach and embrace the monsoons with a radiant smile.


Does Your Skin Feel Too Oily and Sticky in the Monsoons?

Do you get that urge of constantly washing your face to get rid of that greasy appearance? Why does layering of multiple serums clog pores? Aren’t serums supposed to solve our skin issues? And why does this happen during the rainy season? Feeling confused? Here’s why: Due to a rise in the humidity and moisture levels around us, your skin tends to secrete more oil and sebum from the sebaceous glands and make the surface of the face greasy and oily. An overdrive in sebum production leads to congestion of oil, dirt, bacteria and sebum which eventually results in acne, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules on the face. However, to steer away from this slithery affair, we’ve found you a solution to keep the unwanted oiliness and grease at bay and enjoy the magic of monsoons.

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The Clean Mag Combo a.k.a The Minimalist Monsoon Skincare Kit

Crafted with the goodness of clean beauty and revolutionary ingredients, we have curated an affordable three-step starter kit to ensure that your skin remains healthy, radiant, & youthful and you have a smooth-sailing season. Say goodbye to your monsoon skincare woes with the best monsoon skincare starter kit listed below.


Step 1 - Fresh Forward: Deep Hydrating Cleanser

When you have dry skin, looking for a cleanser which is hydrating, gentle and non-comedogenic can be crucial. Not anymore! Experience all of it with our Fresh Forward Deep Hydrating Cleanser that deeply cleanses your face without stripping off the skin’s natural oils while maintaining the hydration levels. This cleanser has the ability to melt away all the makeup, from darkest lipstick to the stubbornest mascara, all is gone in a whoosh with a cotton swab and a few dollops of the hydrating cleanser.


Exuding nourishing goodness and moisturising impressions, this invigorating blend of botanical oils and finest cleansing agents possess the potency of cleansing the skin from the deepest dermal layers and remove all the unwanted residues of creams, serums & SPF, sebum, oil, dirt and bacteria without leaving the skin feeling tight and dry. Formulated with the richness of botanical oils like sunflower oil and geranium essential oils it keeps the skin feeling milky-soft, well-hydrated and moisturised. Other ingredients like glycerin act as the cleansing agent and remove all the debris and dirt from the toughest layers of the skin while maintaining the pH levels.


Strengthen your skincare arsenal with our Fresh Forward Deep Hydrating Cleanser that acts as a double cleansing agent and cleanses your face smoothly to remove all the stubborn makeup, remnants of other creams, acne-inducing impurities, other bacteria and dirt followed by a gentle water-based face wash that suits your skin type and washes off these oils. Use this cleanser in your morning skincare routine to cleanse away all the dirt that has accumulated overnight and in your nighttime routine as well to support the skin in its overnight renewal and rejuvenation processes.


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Step 2 - Vin Rouge Renewing Face Wash

Experience a sense of renewal and rejuvenation with our Vin Rouge Renewing Face wash that purifies your skin, soothes inflammation and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with non-alcoholic red wine, breakthrough ingredients like resveratrol and wild cherry barks, this water-based face wash is a perfect fit that will wash away all the leftover oils from the oil-based cleanser and display a burst of hydration, glow and suppleness. Enticing enough right? What else would you need from a face wash!


 Enriched with our promising ingredients like fruit AHAs and wild cherry barks, this face wash revitalises your skin with an extra boost of collagen and gives the skin the gift of youthful vigour. Incorporate this compelling face wash in your AM and PM routine that will stimulate blood circulation, impart a resurgence of collagen and radiate shine. A true quick fix to achieve a glowing complexion and alluring bounce.

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Step 3 - Plumped! Plumping Serum

Coveting for that extra dose of plumpness and bounce? Try our Plumped! Plumping serum, that instantly penetrates into your skin and gives you a dose of smooth texture and luminosity. Packed with collagen, a skin building protein, this serum emanates the benjamin effect and displays a more youthful, fresh and supple appearance.


The infallible ingredients: geranium essential oil and ginseng stem cells impart natural fragrances that instantaneously soothe the aura around you and do their magic with so much finesse on your skin. It deeply hydrates, nourishes and strengthens your skin’s natural barrier to give you a glass-like finesse and texture.


Incorporate our Plumped! Plumping Serum in your AM and PM skincare routine and reap its sublime benefits. This ultimate elixir penetrates deeply into the skin within seconds and imparts glow and bounce due its alluring blend of humectants and other ingredients. It has the ability to instantly supercharge your dull skin and sail you through the beautiful experience of fuller and more youthful appearance. Well! What’s not to love about this serum? Invest in this multifaceted serum and transform your skincare routine into a profitable asset.

acne locations and causes


In a nutshell, embrace the downpour and protect your skin from the excessive monsoon moisture and humidity by building your skincare arsenal with compelling skincare products. Discover the best monsoon skincare routine with our affordable three-step starter kit that will shoo away all your monsoon skin woes and empower you to relish the monsoons with confidence and joy regardless of the inflating humidity. Apply the code and avail the discount to enjoy the rains with a slice of joyful radiance.

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