Pearls from Dinyar: 3 Hero Ingredients for Glowing Skin!

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Pearls from Dinyar: 3 Hero Ingredients for Glowing Skin!
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Skincare and the Pandemic

Over the past few months, there has been a noticeable surge in the number of cosmetics and skincare users. The numbers have shot up, all thanks to the pandemic for getting people to indulge in a little bit of self-care and skincare.

It’s safe to say that the world is now quite familiar with trending skincare ingredients like squalane, hyaluronic acid, AHA’s and BHA’s, and viral skincare trends that have now managed to pave their way onto daily to-do lists.

However, here is a fact you are completely oblivious to - as good as these ingredients are, there’s only so much you can get solely out of them. There are numerous active ingredients in skincare, so it is vital to ensure your daily routine is also packed with a varied range of active ingredients that work best for your skin. Choose ingredients that specifically cater to a skin concern you struggle to deal with on a regular basis.

In case you are wondering which ingredients are good for the skin, this is your chance to educate yourself and reap the benefits of a few unsung hero ingredients!

Here’s an insight into the 3 best ingredients for skin that you absolutely NEED:

3 Ingredient Breakthroughs in Skincare

  • 1.Stem Cells

    • What are Stem Cells?

      Stem cells are considered to be the ‘life force’ of your body. They are specialized cells that help to convert into other cells when need be. Stem cells are a regenerative medicine for your body that replace diseased cells with healthy cells. This ingredient has been scientifically and medically proven to completely revolutionize the skincare game. It breathes life into your skin cells and helps your cells repair themselves.

      Plant-based stem cells are among the latest breakthroughs in skincare, especially for ageing skin, as it slows down the process of ageing. Their use in skincare products has shown a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and temporary redness over a period of time.

      American Ginseng from Wisconsin placed on a white background
    • Did you know?

      Plant-based stem cells can be extracted from apples, grapes, ginseng, tomatoes, etc.

    • Here’s how to include stem cells in your routine and why:

      1. Stem cells have properties that release molecules, protecting neural cells and tamping down skin inflammation.

      2. Include a stem cell serum in your routine as they help protect the skin from external factors such as excessive sun exposure, pollution, etc.

      3. Plant-based Stem Cells are packed with antioxidants and they increase collagen production in your skin.

      4. The result of consistent use of stem cells is simply three R’s that can be broken down into - Rejuvenated, Revived, and Revitalized skin.

      Stem cells are undoubtedly one of the best ingredients for skin and your skincare routine is incomplete without the application of a stem cell cream, serum, mask, or any other product.

      The products that are formulated with Stem Cells at BiE -

      1. Superpower Eternal Youth Cream

        Revives skin overnight for a refreshed glow by day.

      2. O2WOW! Oxygenating & Firming Mask

        Tackles hyperpigmentation to reveal visibly lifted and brighter skin.

      3. Eyefinity All-in-one Under Eye Gel

        Reduces dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.

      4. Plumped! Plumping Serum

        Acts as a total sealant for the skin and replenishes the skin barrier.

      Add the entire stem cell collection to your daily skincare routine, NOW! BiE’s stem cell collection has been formulated with plant-based stem cells that are extracted from apples, grapes, and ginseng. The collection improves skin texture, nourishes, and hydrates, resulting in healthy-looking skin.

  • 2.Resveratrol

    • What is Resveratrol?

      Resveratrol is a well-known plant compound found in grapes and red wine. This mighty antioxidant alone can provide immense anti-ageing benefits and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.

      Green and black grapes placed on green and red coloured maple leaves inside a wooden basket
    • Did you know?

      People in France have comparatively lesser chances of suffering a heart attack due to the increased consumption of wine in their daily routine, which promises a regular dose of resveratrol in the body. It also results in keeping the blood thin.

    • Here’s how to include resveratrol in your routine and why:

      1. The way to ensure optimum utilization of resveratrol’s benefits is when it is used externally, i.e. applied on your skin, because it has a finer molecule size, allowing it to swiftly seep right into your derma.

      2. It improves cellular function and the creation of healthy collagen. It brightens and evens out your skin tone while working to improve the overall texture of your skin.

      3. Resveratrol can either be applied to the skin or can be consumed internally. The minimum daily intake of resveratrol is supposed to be 500 mg (milligrams). Like Vitamin A, it is also a very good blood thinner.

      Resveratrol serves as an excellent antioxidant for your body. Prioritise inculcating an ingredient like resveratrol as it easily qualifies as one of the best ingredients for skin. You can also internally consume this ingredient by eating any kind of grapes and red wine, in particular.

      The products that are packed with the goodness of resveratrol at BiE -

      1. Vin Rouge Renewing Face Wash

        Restores skin’s collagen and displays a rejuvenated appearance.

      2. Vin Rouge Resurfacing Mask

        Improves skin’s elasticity and balances natural oils.

      3. Vin Rouge Hydrating & Tightening Gel

        Improves pore health and promotes cell regeneration.

      Upgrade your daily skincare routine by incorporating this Vin Rouge collection, a premium collection that refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. A quick fix for instant radiance and a coveted glow. Your mask, serum, gel, and face wash ingredients must have resveratrol written on it.

  • 3.Collagen

    • What is Collagen?

      Collagen is a term that is often used with respect to the body. 75% of our body comprises collagen, without which our body would basically fail. Well, it is referred to as the ‘building blocks’ of our body for a reason. Collagen can be found in muscles, connective tissues, joints, skin, hair, and everywhere.

      One scoop of collagen powder in a measuring spoon
    • Did you know?

      Starting from the age of 20, your body loses 1% collagen each year.

      So, you can only imagine the amount of collagen that will remain in your body by the time you turn 70. Hence, collagen is an ingredient you absolutely cannot miss!

    • Here’s how to include collagen in your routine and why:

      1. To replenish your collagen gradually, do not solely depend on collagen creams. Collagen creams have thicker molecules, which is why they stay on the surface of the skin, without actually seeping into the skin.

      2. Collagen needs to be used in ampule form or serum form, for the atom of the collagen to be able to penetrate right into the skin. Follow it up by sealing it with collagen cream.

      3. Including a collagen serum in your routine is a must because since it has thinner molecules, it enables the skin to quickly absorb it. For best results, remember to always pat it on your skin.

      4. Collagen is situated in the middle of the dermis, so you have to protect it and add to it through the use of supplements and the application of collagen-rich skincare products.

      5. Collagen can also be consumed in the form of powders. Liposomal collagen works the best. Regular intake of collagen will work its magic on your body in the same way the application of collagen works for your face.

      Whenever you are skimming through the list of face serum ingredients at the back of a packaged box, ensure ‘collagen’ makes an appearance as an ingredient. Not only does it enhance the biosynthesis of collagen in the skin, but also provides you with a glowing, youthful look, along with revitalised skin. You can rest assured that you achieve plumped skin with a cushioned look, as it is a key feature of this hero ingredient.

      The product that is crafted with collagen at BiE -

      1. Plumped! Plumping Serum

        Restores skin’s collagen and displays a rejuvenated appearance.

      The best serum ingredients include several actives that make the product more potent. The Plumped! Plumping Serum is a powerful blend of stem cells as well as collagen. It is the best serum for the face and can be used by all skin types.

      If you are a skincare junkie or a skincare newbie, this is your sign to declutter and stock your skincare shelf with products that are carefully formulated with these three essential and good ingredients for your skin!

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