The Extraordinary Beauty Journey of Manasi Scott

by BiE - Beauty in Everything
Manasi Scott shares her Beauty Journey

From a maverick purple-haired 20-year-old to becoming a new mother preventing her stretch marks. Over the years, Manasi Scott’s beauty journey has conditioned into a meaningful ritual imbibed in kindness, acceptance, appreciation and gratitude.  


"Beauty is power. Beauty is love. Beauty is without gender or race or affiliation. Beauty is strength. Beauty is within. Beauty is connection. Beauty is in everything and everyone. Beauty is choice. Beauty is evolution and growth and ascension. Beauty is unconditional loving.

 Feeling it, choosing to see it,   shining with it and honouring it— is the beginning of the journey to enlightenment. Finding it, understanding it and finding the ability to see it in everything, is the ‘beauty’ of this human experience.”

— Manasi Scott, Singer, Songwriter & Actor


The Purple-haired Maverick

“I was a maverick right up to my early 20s. None of the so-called girly frills attracted me. My hair was radically short - coloured purple some days - I rode horses & bikes! I was always welcomed by boys in all sports; finding myself in male trappings like ties, boots and bikes; hence this is what I gravitated towards.”


The Business of Looking Good!

“The word ‘beauty’ did not feature in my vocabulary unless I used it as an adjective for a horse or motorcycle. Neither did sunblock! Sunblock did not enter my life until I moved from Software Engineering into the entertainment industry and ‘skincare’ and ‘makeup’ became essential in this business of ‘looking good’. Looking good was the most likened to beauty in our 30s.”

Two-Decades of Experimenting

“In a span of two decades, I moved from sunblock to face creams and everything in between. From experimenting with various makeup brands and trends to then not trying them, trying out several facial treatments – I continuously kept testing evolving makeup-removing routines. Or while giving birth to my son and blessing stretch-mark prevention creams (which work by the way) to weight gain, weight loss, over-exercising and choosing fitness trends that worked momentarily— as I moved into the third decade, something shifted.”

Discovering Beauty Inwards

“I found beauty in discipline, in commitment, in choosing better for myself, in loving myself and moving inwards. I rediscovered martial arts (I was a Black Belt in Karate at 12 and then gave it all up until recently when I started to train in Muay Thai). I got back to the magic of horses. I discovered the joys of meditation, the intense energizing and healing effect of ice-cold showers and the reverse-ageing phenomenon of the Eight Spiritual Breaths.”

Loving the Skin You’re In!

“Opening myself up to what is beyond the accepted— the taught, the mundane, the advertised and the sold trend. I started to find beauty in everything that came my way. I was taught how to talk to my body, how to revere it and the wisdom stored in it. A previously, simple makeup-removal routine was now a chance to spend more time being gentle with myself and literally ‘loving the skin I’m in’ more! Applying creams and oils and even bathing has become a luxurious process of massaging love into me.”

The Power of Awakening

“Working with healing frequencies, ancient tapping techniques for better circulation and to bring the skin to life before exercise or a major event, cupping therapy, deep tissues massages, learning about foods that heal and those that harm and most importantly moving away from all Allopathic medication has been a magical process. Everything external is just a suppressant. The human body is a 100% regenerative system. It needs to only have its innate power awakened. I have reduced pigmentation on my face and grown hair back after serious bouts of alopecia. I am the healthiest, slimmest and fittest I have ever been. All because I have learnt to love myself and find beauty in everything and everyone.”

To Growing Younger & Wiser

“Yes, beauty is a loaded word no doubt! We love being labelled by it and then basking in the afterglow of being complimented for it. The sheer beauty of learning to dole it out generously for everyone and everything around is akin to reverse ageing. As I grow ‘younger and wiser’ (you see we Capricorns reverse age by virtue of just being Capricorn  ), I realise working on oneself is the key to feeling beautiful.

“Kindness. Acceptance. Appreciation. Gratitude. These are the virtues that make up the armour that is forever-beauty.”


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