Peaches: The Summer Fruit That's Good for You Inside Out

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Peaches: The Summer Fruit That's Good for You Inside Out



Ahh! Summer is here! The season of warm, fuzzy cuddles wrapped with the goodness of flavorful fruits, flora & fauna. As the warm rays of the sun caresses your skin, birds chirping a cheerful melody and the air is filled with the sweet, enchanting aroma of the fuzzy peaches. Peaches, a.k.a Prunus persica belong to the Roaseacea family alongside other stone fruits like plums, cherries, almonds and apricots.

Peaches, a small stone fruit, was originally found in China more than 8,000 years ago. These fuzzy friends covered in orange colour blushing with gold are also known as drupes or stone fruits because their flesh surrounds a shell that houses an edible seed inside.

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Packed with Goodness: The Skin & Health Benefits of Peach For the Best Body Care Products

These fuzzy fruits are a chock full of antioxidants, essential vitamins and oh-so good nutrients and minerals. But the nutritional perks don’t stop there! Peaches are also powerhouses of sweet, juicy and delicious flavours that could easily become your go-to summer snack & it's healthy too! Delve into the peachy goodness of these flavourful drupes and learn more about the importance of its beneficial properties.

1. Acts as a humectant

Around 89% of the weight in peaches comes from the water content. This fuzzy fruit can be classified as a body humectant that helps in keeping the skin hydrated and supple. The water content in peaches also contributes to your daily water intake and makes you feel instantly refreshed, especially during summers. Perhaps, this stone fruit can also be used in DIY scrubs, face packs and peach lotion to keep our skin looking fresh, hydrated and smooth.

2. Mild exfoliator

We all are well-informed about the benefits of Alpha-hydroxy acids, a.k.a (AHAs) and its role in the dynamic world of skincare. Peaches have AHA’s in its constitution that help in sloughing off all the dead skin cells in a natural and smoother way. They are classified as bonafide luminaries for DIY scrubs, exfoliators to reveal younger, healthier looking skin or body scrub for glowing skin.

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3. Ageing Antidote

Our skin is exposed to a plethora of chemicals, hazardous chemicals, environmental stressors and other various ageing allies that accelerate the signs of ageing with wrinkles and fine lines. Peaches are known as powerhouses of antioxidants that help in fighting off the free radicals that damage the equilibrium of our skin’s natural barrier. Abundant in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, these antioxidants predominantly help in delaying the signs of ageing for reducing wrinkles to reveal younger, radiant skin.

4. Aids in lightening dark spots.

Vitamin C is known to be effective against dark spots. With an abundance of vitamin C, peaches are also known to lighten the dark spots and tackle early signs of pigmentation to reveal brighter, radiant-looking skin. This stone fruit can easily be used in body lotions, best shower gel and body scrubs for glowing skin that can help you achieve your coveted skin.

5. Acts as a collagen booster

Proteins like collagen are responsible for making your face and body look healthy, fuller and young. As we have established, peaches have a massive amount of vitamin C content, a catalyst responsible for collagen production. This antioxidant typically helps in boosting the collagen synthesis in the body aiding in younger, healthier looking skin.

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6. Anti-inflammatory Skin-Angel

People who have sensitive skin can definitely benefit from peach-infused face packs, lotions or scrubs. Peaches have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that help calm any kind of redness, inflammation or irritation. Peach body lotion is a must-have skincare product that miraculously soothes, softens your skin due to its promising properties.

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7. Aids in new growth of skin cells

Vitamin A is a beneficial antioxidant that helps in treating scars, spots, cuts or other abrasions due to its skin-building properties. Peaches are known to have vitamin A that helps in healing cuts or injuries. Beta-carotene, a type of carotenoid, is a precursor of Vitamin A that also helps in improving the skin texture and its health. A member of the Rosaceae family, peaches are used in the best body care products, in the quest for achieving glowing, healthy skin.

Fun fact: Peaches get their sun-kissed golden-orangish colour from this pigment, Beta-carotene.

8. Good for Oily Skin

Peach benefits oily skin as it has natural astringent properties. This helps clear clogged pores and oil. It works great to fight acne and pimples. Perhaps, peaches are used in the best body care products for their umpteen amount of skin and health benefits.

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9. Helps in digestion

Peaches are composed of a good amount of fibre which helps in improving the digestive system and maintaining one’s gut health.

Cultural Significance of Peaches

  • China: Peaches are deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, symbolising longevity and immortality. They feature in mythology as the "Peaches of Immortality" and are used in traditional decorations and celebrations.
  • Korea: Peaches represent happiness, wealth, and longevity. They are often depicted in art and associated with good fortune.
  • Japan: Peach blossoms symbolise spring and new beginnings. They are also associated with purity and innocence.

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In a nutshell, this stone fruit has an abundance of physical, mental and spiritual benefits to offer. From being a good source of fibre for improving your immune system to having a chock-full of antioxidants for radiant and youthful skin. It is also symbolised as good fortune in many Asian countries and used as a renowned ingredient in skincare and bodycare products for its body-loving properties. The list does not stop there, its juicy, sweet and delicious flavour makes it a versatile fruit that can be jazzed up with any summer snack or drink like salads, smoothies, shakes or desserts. Truly, peaches can be classified as nature's candy wrapped with an abundance of skin, health and spiritual goodness.

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