Our Story



A celebration of beauty in everything. An understanding of modern metamorphosis.

The idea of beauty is changing in this ever-evolving metaverse. And that’s why, BiE. (Pronounced-Be).

We are a line of expert skincare, driven by a passion to impart discipline routines and championing clean beauty.  Breaking the stigma that beauty is just skin deep, BiE aims to help you reinvent yourself through various life stages.

Blended with scientific formulations and carefully curated ingredients, our products are backed by 50 years of expertise and know-how of the global beauty world.



Queenie Singh - Former Miss India

India’s former Miss India and supermodel, columnist and a global wellness leader—Queenie Singh is a connoisseur of all things refined. Having dabbled in practically every beauty product out there, it’s fair to say Queenie Singh knows the beauty world inside and out. And thus, BiE. 

Based on the principal philosophy that beauty is internal, external, and eternal. Queenie Singh mantra is to set realistic beauty goals that are achieved with knowledge, discipline and a change in routine through curated advice from experts along with clean formulated products. 

Having observed numerous women recraft themselves with her Midday Makeover column, Former Miss India Queenie Singh aims to scale her passion to reach millions of people and enable transformative make-overs with BiE.

“We understand change as transformation and evolution. We call it modern metamorphosis—A positive change. It applies to life and it applies to beauty.”

Queenie Singh



Dinyar Workingboxwalla

India’s leading aesthetician, Dinyar Workingboxwalla is respected for his customized, revolutionary treatments. An advocate of natural, result-oriented skin and hair care products, Workingboxwalla realised his dream in the mid-70s when he pioneered an environmentally-friendly Dermaceutical line.

A beauty titan in his own right, Workingboxwalla has been treating skin concerns for over 50 years from his niche studio, the southernmost precinct of Mumbai. His philosophy is based on the fundamentals of following a disciplined beauty regimen and making it your religion to experience results. He strongly believes in clean skincare formulas, skin-nourishing ingredients and soul nurturing rituals.

The expert is committed to creating a balance of clean ingredients, essential oils and scientifically-proven actives, that have demonstrated to be an effective recipe for gorgeous skin.



BiE expresses the idea of metamorphosis and beauty through the phases of the moon. A true symbol of radiance, beauty and transformative journeys—the phases of the moon capture the true essence of our brand.

At the center of the identity, the full moon is represented through the powerful upward looking face of ‘Luna’. Luna is the representation of a transformed individual who is in the complete embrace of her beauty potential.

‘Beauty in Everything’ forms an arc above the central unit. The identity is, thus, a combination of the moon phases, Luna and the brand name BiE.